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We are Velosolutions UK

We are Velosolutions UK, an essential component of a global network of professional pumptrack and trail builders at the pinnacle of the mountain bike industry. Our pride lies in aligning with Velosolutions’ core value, which centres around bringing high-quality pumptracks and bicycle trails to bike enthusiasts worldwide, through sustainable and ever-evolving construction practices.

First and foremost, we are a group of avid mountain bikers who have had the privilege of exploring some of the world's most exciting riding destinations. United by our passion for mountain biking, we've brought together an extraordinary team of specialised consultants, designers, and trail builders, all dedicated to sculpting the finest trail facilities in our country.

At our core, innovation drives us forward. We continually explore fresh avenues in design and construction, constantly looking for new ways to elevate the UK riding scene to new heights.



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What is a Pumptrack?

Velosolutions pumptracks are hotspots for all riders that seek a fun action-filled sports experience. The asphalted tracks are both a playground and training facility for MTB and BMX riders, skateboards and scooters at any level. Riders enjoy practising the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed around the pumptrack. As the rider gets better, the track is designed to provide more challenge with an increase in speed and skill, all with no change to construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through becomes a gap jump for a pro.

Types of Pumptracks

We have been driving innovation in the industry for years and as such expanding our portfolio with the inclusion of a wide variety of different tracks. 


We can design tracks specifically for kids, urban sites that include concrete skate features, pump bowls and jump lines.


Have a look through the options below: 


We have developed a specific asphalt process. The technique ensures the cleanliness of the track and makes it almost maintenance-free. 


We recommend building with asphalt because of its outstanding advantages:


• Durability

• All-weather suitability 

• Low rolling resistance 

• Maximum traction


Maintenance is limited to the green areas and annual inspection of the slopes and drainage.

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Our Pumptracks



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We offer a highly experienced and talented team of professionals who draw from more than 20 years of experience in mountain biking and design. We are always happy to consult with clients on any number of trail related issues including feasibility studies, risk management, community consultation, trail auditing and assessment, staff training, maintenance planning, signage systems and design scope.


We offer a comprehensive trail design package from the initial concept designs through to the final detailed submissions. We believe thorough design is the root of all successful trail projects and we always consider all facets from the outset. Trail grades, topography, soil types, trail sustainability, safety risks and sites of environmental significance are all variables that we carefully consider before applying the appropriate solutions to ensure a smooth and successful construction phase.


We have considerable experience building all kinds of recreational and event purpose trails. Our combined skills and expertise allow us to build in some very challenging environments without deviating from the design or sacrificing build quality. We work hard to get the best out of every trail; whether it’s an easily accessible green level trail, or a super challenging black descent, they all receive the same care and attention and are finished on time and on budget.

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Our Trails

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Meet the team