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[Get a Pumptrack]

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Do you want a Velosolutions Pumptrack in your town? Here are some steps for you to follow in order to make that dream into reality!

Start a Pumptrack Campaign

  • Does your town have an existing Pumptrack or bike track that is now old and worn down?

  • Maybe you don't have a Pumptrack in your town and would like one?

  • Try create a campaign on Facebook or in the local paper 


Get the Community Involved

  • Get your community involved by grouping support together through your campaign

  • Contact your local Council board about your proposed plan


Find a Potential Site

  • Try and find a suitable space for the Pumptrack 

  • Get the site agreed with the council


Design Your Park

  • Work closely with all community stakeholders to get an idea of the features you'd like on your Pumptrack

  • Work with us to create a formal design and apply for planning permission



  • Identify funding sources and apply for funds



  • Let us build your dream Pumptrack for everyone to enjoy!

Contact us today if you already have any of the steps completed, we might be able to make your dream a reality!

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