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Bellshill Pumptrack & Trails

We were appointed by North Lanarkshire Council, to design and build a cycle facilities hub at the Bellshill gateway to Strathclyde Country Park. This comprised a 350m2 Pump Park, 200m Pump Track with a 65m Advanced Jump Line, Mountain Bike Skills Area, Trials Area, Blue Mountain Bike Trail, Red Mountain Bike Trail and a Learn to Ride Area. The facility also included floodlighting. We were involved with the project from the very outset where we were first appointed as specialist technical designer to prepare and QS/cost an outline design for the new facility. This involved an in-depth feasibility study and numerous consultations with local users to ensure the facility met their needs. Their input shaped the final design outputs; a focus on generous areas for social spaces and provisions to coach/watch others using the facility, a trials area to cater for the growing population of the sport in Scotland and a pump park with lower level features to cater for beginners/young users whilst providing a freestyle platform for advanced users. Local knowledge allowed us to avoid a popular sledging area within the site.The facilities were designed within the constraints of the sloping topography, buffers from residential properties and various utilities that crossed the site (high pressure gas, electric, sewers). Appropriate method statements were developed in liaison with the utility providers to ensure health and safety of staff and assets were protected.A 7 column LED lighting design was developed by pump track lighting specialists RM Services. The lighting scheme uses state of the art LED light units to provide a low running cost and environmentally friendly solution to cover all areas of the pump track site.The site was landscaped with a mixture of amenity turf in high west areas alongside native wildflower turf. Wildflowers attract and sustain a substantial number of wildlife species, and can help to regulate water filtration systems. In addition, wildflowers are resilient and are able to survive with little human intervention. They provide a great aesthetic and increase biodiversity.Watch a video of the facilities here:






10 weeks


7 October 2022


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