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Craigspark Pumptrack

Small but mighty, this track in Livingston was built on the site of an old tennis court and although it's short, it's difficult to master.

Velosolutions UK were appointed to develop 3 pump tracks of varying sizes for West Lothian Council. As part of the project Velosolutions ran 3 separate consultation events with key stakeholders to ascertain their aspirations for the track. Concerns from other park users and local residents were also listened to and feedback taken on board (for example putting the site entrance and rest area away from property boundaries and to include tree planting as part of the works).

A 77m track was developed at Craigspark, a 110m track at Bridgend and a 175m track at Fraser Park. Each track was designed to maximise the extent of the site and ideas from consultations were developed (e.g. curved straights). Site survey work identified a discrepancy between the position of 2 inspection chambers and their connecting drains and the designs were adjusted with a minimum 2m buffer zone.

The track was constructed from imported recycled aggregates and surfaced with Velosolutions’ own bespoke high specification asphalt mix was applied providing an exceptionally smooth surface with a very high skid resistance suitable for all kinds of wheeled sports. Anecdotal feedback suggested that small scale pump tracks can still be popular, but larger pump tracks tend to create a draw from further afield.






2 weeks


19 September 2018


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