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Dodder Valley Pumptrack

This project, initiated by the South Dublin County Council, marked the first joint venture between Velosolutions UK and Trailbreaker. Leveraging their extensive experience in recreational track construction, the goal was to introduce asphalt pump tracks to Ireland. Dodder Valley Park became the first pump trackresulting from this collaboration, and two additional projects are currently under construction. 

Dodder Valley Park boasts the largest full asphalt pump track in Ireland, designed to cater to riders of all skilllevels. The track combines a beginnerstrackwith a full-size improvers to expert track, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience. Since its opening, the track has gained immense popularity and attracts riders throughout the day.The construction process posed several challenges, but the combined expertise of the design and construction team enabled the creation of a world-class facility. 

Despite conducting pre-construction ground investigations, unforeseen ground conditions were encountered. However, the team responded effectively and efficiently to address these challenges, ensuring the project's success. Another challenge faced during construction was the need to improve site security due to incidents of vandalism. To safeguard the construction site and prevent further damage, the decision was made to have the site manned overnight. This ensured the integrity and safety of the project.The successful completion of the pump track project fostered an ongoing relationship between Velosolutions UK and Trailbreaker. 

This collaboration extends to current and future projects, underscoring the importance of maintaining good communication throughout the process. By working together, the teams have been able to provide efficiencies and workflow improvements whileupholding the highest standards.






5 weeks


23 March 2023


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