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Kennoway Pumptrack

We were appointed by Fife Council, to design and build a 240m length pump track. The facility also included a comprehensive drainage scheme and floodlighting. The site previously hosted a BMX track built in the 1980s, which the client wanted to modernise. We re-used as much of the existing material of the BMX track as possible to provide a cost-saving to the client and promote a circular economy.

A series of consultation meetings were held with local riders and statutory consultees. This was carried out remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic when travel and face to face meetings were restricted. We developed a successful consultation process to gain valuable feedback to inform the design development.

The pump track was designed with rotational symmetry to allow for head to head racing; a nod to the site’s BMX racing heritage and requested by the consultees. The track layout was symmetric, but with features of variable height and spacing to maximise interest and usability of the facility. The track was located adjacent to a 533mm Scottish Water surface water drain. We were required to undertake a CCTV and GPS survey of the depth and location of the asset in order to calculate the required easement zone as specified by Scottish Water. The track and swale were designed outside of this easement. The track was designed to site >25m from the adjacent residential property boundaries.

A drainage design was developed by subcontracted drainage specialists McCloy Consulting Ltd. using data obtained from a BRE365 infiltration test. The variable infiltration rates meant that all surface water was routed to an open swale set back from the track area for safety. The swale was designed to accommodate a 1 in 200 year rainfall event +40% to account for climate change. Water was routed through a series of inlets with silt traps to provide a maintainable drainage solution.






5 weeks


25 May 2022


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