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Lockleaze Pump Park

We were appointed by Groundwork South to provide a facility at their community centre for bikes and skateboards within a compact 450m2 site. The client had asked for a focus for skateboarders as part of the design brief. We designed a full asphalt pump park, a concept developed by Velosolutions which has a fully surfaced asphalt area inside a perimeter pump track route. We included a volcano feature as well as a concrete ledge with galvanised coping for skateboards to grind as well as a flat bank. This provided more features for skateboarders to use and is enjoyed by the community users. Berms and features were kept low in amplitude to appeal to younger and beginner users. The whole area was surfaced by our expert team to create a smooth and consistent surface with loads of grip. Recycled aggregates were used for all sub base materials and maximum recycled content was included in the custom asphalt mix. 

The facility was designed and built to BS EN 14974:2019. Drainage was managed by a series of bottle gullies and culverts leading to a soakaway outlet. Each gully had a custom grille with 6mm perforations in order to accommodate smaller wheels and meet the BSI standard. As part of the design development process, we also liaised with another contractor on site who were developing a zip wire to ensure the track did not encroach on their site and safety runoff buffers.

Deliveries were scheduled so as to not conflict with the community group’s play sessions.

We planted 1 apple tree adjacent to the track, but a suitable distance from the track edge so as to not cause issues for the tree roots, or present a hazard to users of the pump park.






2 weeks


12 June 2020


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