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Ormiston Pumptrack

We were appointed by East Lothian Council to design and build a pump track to enhance the recreational offer at the park. A design was completed at tender stage, which was developed post appointment as the pump track site was moved to a different area of the park to fit with a wider masterplan. The design considered existing topography and user flow within the park to minimise build up and avoid desire lines. A level platform was bench cut into the hillside to form the foundations of the track.

Water from land drains intersecting the site was managed effectively and diverted into a culvert and attenuation drainage system with an overflow outlet into an adjacent ditch. We removed a former BMX track and regraded the area of land to be used for a 5 a side football pitch. The BMX track provided approximately 250m3 of site won material, which reduced the overall volume required for import and thereby minimising the environmental impact of the development.

The 185m length track included berms of varying height (up to 1.3m) and radius and various roller combination features. The track was surfaced with Velosolutions custom mix of asphalt to provide a smooth yet grippy surface for all wheels even in wet weather. The asphalt contained maximum recycled content to minimise the environmental impact. No trees were removed for this development.






5 weeks


9 July 2021


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