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Peel Park Pumptrack

We were commissioned by Salford City Council to transform an underutilised area, previously a bowling green, into an all-wheeled sports facility. Working closely with Salford Council and Elsie Josland, a landscape architect, we devised a design that incorporated a 200m Pump Track, Site Safe Containers equipped with utility supplies, and Floodlights. 

The adaptive reuse of the space aimed to optimise the available area for all wheeled sports. The project commenced with removal of fencing and the installation of ground protection aluminium trackway to minimise soil disturbance as much as possible. A comprehensive drainage system was installed to manage water efficiently, preventing waterlogging during adverse weather. In adherence to Velosolutions UK’s sustainability policy and to minimise ecological impact, we predominantly used recycled aggregates throughout the construction phase.

One of the primary challenges encountered during this project was the vandalism of construction equipment and theft of floodlighting cables. This posed a significant setback, requiring additional security measures to safeguard both the ongoing construction and the completed elements.

Despite the challenges faced, Peel Park Pump Track was completed within the required timescale. This is a testament to adaptive and proactive project management and the resilience of the construction team. The facility has become a focal point of the community, transforming an underused space into a thriving community space.






5 weeks


18 June 2021


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