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Skelf Pumptrack

Our brief for the Pump Track was to fit the biggest possible track into the area given. Objective was to provide a free facility that would attract young and old riders alike requiring only a small amount of maintenance that the Bike Park Group could handle. The track needed to be extremely hard wearing.

The youth charity who occupy the sports centre opposite site were present for all consultation. After discussions it was decided on the concept of a single loop but with berms and straights that allow interconnecting lines and transfers. This type of layout is an effective way of making a safe and fun track without compromising the line options. Riders can ride one long loop in its entirety, in parts, or in combined parts. When the track is busy, riders can ride in a continuous loop, without the fear of another rider transferring into their line, as they have right of way.

However, when it is less busy, riders have the option for transfers and different line choices when space permits. This is an effective design format that enables the track to hold a lot of riders, but maintain options for creative riding and a huge range of abilities. Regular weekly coaching sessions now take place run by Dirt School.

Planting shrubs and whips has kept the area looking better than it ever has and involved the community.

Lessons learned were to ensure features are not too big to exclude beginners. The simple features are still used by expert riders and they can make their own more technical riding lines regardless.

Innovation included the UK’s first ‘double berm’ feature, this was extremely successful and we rolled out the ‘triple berm’ at Wishawhill Woods Pump Track;

Video available here -






5 weeks


17 March 2017


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