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Temple Cloud Pumptrack

We were appointed by the Temple Cloud and Cameley Parish Council to build a Pumptrack in the local park in order to uplift and increase community involvement in the area.

The site was set behind the current community centre, allowing it to be used in conjunction with the centre for events in the future. Construction access was set down the side of the community centre with all materials and machinery imported on an aluminium trackway. Careful consideration was taken when the site was fenced off as there was a play park that still needed to be accessible to the local community. A small amount of cut and fill was required as there was more than a 1m fall from the front to the back of the site.

The design was based on being as inclusive as possible to allow all levels of abilities to enjoy the track. A 120m track was then built and finished with Velosolutions custom mix of smooth high grip asphalt. A mix of turf and wildflower was used when landscaping the outside and inside sections of the track, the keep with the natural vegetation found in the area surrounding the park.

A bike stand, tool station and pump was also added to the walkway to give users the ability to fix and adjust anything on their bike.






5 weeks


25 May 2023


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