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Transition Extreme Pumptrack

Transition Extreme, an adventure sports complex featuring indoor and outdoor facilities like a climbing wall, skatepark, and zip wires, sought the expertise of the speaker to revamp its pump track. The previous installation had deteriorated due to inadequate specifications. Tasked with creating a world-class track within a limited space, the speaker strategically optimized the available area, incorporating 180° berms to maximize track length. The design included a beginner's track for young and novice users, providing a foundation for fundamental pumping skills before progressing to the main track.

Consideration for the skateboarding community frequenting the indoor skatepark influenced the design, incorporating features like a double berm and curved straights to cater to skaters. Thorough on-site ground investigations revealed a suitable subsoil for water disposal but an extensive layer of topsoil above unstable cinder ash and rubble/tarmacadam planings. 

Velosolutions addressed this challenge by removing and storing the topsoil for future use, implementing geotextile and tensar geogrid reinforcement for a solid foundation. Collaborating with civil engineers Ramsay & Chalmers, a comprehensive drainage scheme was developed, featuring soakaways and swales to manage water efficiently across the site, collecting runoff from asphalt areas. The design not only met the client's ambitious vision but also ensured a self-contained and durable pump track at Transition Extreme.






9 weeks


14 March 2023


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