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Appleton academy

Conservefor and Architrail Velosolutions worked together to create a comprehensive transformation for Appleton Academy. The contract included a 100m Pump Track, 350m Skills Trail (with blue, red and black grade technical trail features), 800m MTB Trail with blue and red technical trail features. 

The mountain bike trails and pump track were been designed and led by Architrail Velosolutions, regular partners Conservefor were appointed to help turn the vision into reality. We constructed a substantial shared starting hill for the pump track, incorporating two long straights with distinctive features, and surfaced the berms with bitmac asphalt. Prior to the material importation and shaping, the site was diligently levelled. Additionally, a French drain runs the entire length of the track, efficiently channelling water down the hillside over a distance of more than 70 meters.

In our endeavour to enhance the mountain biking skills of the school children, we purposefully designed an MTB skills training loop that offers riders a platform for growth. This loop, crafted with skill development in mind, presents an array of features and riding options. Whether built with rock or crushed stone, these features mimic the challenges found on trails in the surrounding area. Most notably, the majority of these features are optional, repeatable, and progressively challenging.

Our 800-meter Blue grade MTB trail is a thrilling course that will put riders’ skills to the test. It incorporates specific features, many of which riders will have practiced on the interior skills trail. While the trail is accessible to riders of various skill levels, those seeking the fastest route must conquer all the technical trail features. This approach ensures inclusivity while also challenging riders to continually improve their abilities.

Date Completed:

13 June 2014


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