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Winlatter Forest

We were contracted by Forestry England to maintain approximately 3km of the Mountain Bike Trail Network on the North and South loop at Whinlatter forest. The trails are incredibly exposed in places receiving harsh weather and a large number of riders each year meaning they require regular maintenance.

We had taken the decision to use a mini digger along the trail line to de-berm and reshape using borrow pit techniques to add shape or build up low spots. The exposed nature of the trails required highly skilled operatives to navigate along the steep and rough terrain.

We also rebuilt a descent that had become worn and beyond the red grade. We brought in a larger 8 tonne machine for this to remove some large stumps and create large flowing berms. A series of drainage pipes were installed to manage the water flow correctly to prevent erosion in heavy rain.

Date Completed:

19 July 2021


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